OpenTeam is world-class psychologist meets senior executive.

We help hard working people solve for...

  • conflict 
  • avoidance

  • asshole boss syndrome

  • founder's syndrome

  • new partnership/team growing pains
  • need to go from 65% to 100% engaged 

  • personality clashes

  • painful decision making that you build a happy connected culture that consistently performs.

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Translate difficult emotions into tangible things to work through 

'Most business problems are personal problems in disguise.' - Michael Port

Many business consultants address the (so-called) 'hard stuff' of business process but don't address the (so-called) 'soft skills' that play into your success. 

Many approaches to soft skills are wishy washy and lack precision.

We work with the whole system - your personal patterns, your purpose, the human conflicts that arise when trying to do something difficult, and the cultural and business processes that enable you to cooperate and succeed without hating your life.  

We tackle emotional, messy stuff. We make it concrete. We define a path. And we work for results. 

We offer team coaching, executive coaching, and other consulting customized to your needs. If you have messy or confusing people issues, reach out...