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Love + Learning + Purpose = Success

We use science-based approaches to help hard working people approach what's hard to talk about and build engaged purposeful cultures that consistently perform.

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OpenTeam’s approach is different. The “sprint” brought our work to life by fostering team courage. We surfaced different points of view, gained perspective, clarity, and direction. We improved productivity and created an overall better place to work. Gareth has a contagious enthusiasm and leads with purpose.
— Fred H., Team Coaching client
Gareth helped us build a communication framework that works in our setting: He is teaching us to fish.
— Fiona W., Consultation and Training client
The work brought the whole team together in a much more deep and meaningful way - it tied together our personal motivations into a common mission, in a way that was respectful of personal boundaries and very powerful.
— Reza G., Team Coaching client

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Two Silly Ways and One Smart Way to Think about 360 Feedback

By Gareth

Tools like 360 feedback are not out-of-the-box solutions for leadership development. Tools are put to use in human contexts. Success — the degree to which you solve a problem — depends on how the tool is put to use in your organization.

So don’t just ask, ‘Is a 360 a good idea for us?’

Engagement is a Verb: If You Want Them to Care, Ask These 3 Questions

By Gareth

‘The difference … between successful companies and unsuccessful ones is whether employees believe the words.’ — How Google Works

Feedback: 'Tis Better to Give than to Receive

By David

When our VP of Human Resources called me and said that she had some “feedback” for me I just had a sinking feeling. I asked if we could set up some other time or if we could do it over the phone?

No and no.

Translate Difficult Situations into Tangible Things to Work Through 


Success is no longer about following a master plan or ‘the way things are done.’

Success is about finding a way,

through how you envision, focus, communicate, engage, relate, and create.


We coach that process through:

Individual level motivation and communication and ways of working (through Acceptance and Commitment Training)

team level purpose, openness, learning patterns (through Systemic Team Coaching)

organizational level systems, communication, adaptation (through Responsive Org Design).


Our clients create


Our sweet spot is the growing company.

We help you scale cultures that do work.


Our difference is our integration of deep psychology expertise and deep business experience.